Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gluten Free Paleo Vegetarian Coconut Flour Bread, and a touch on Phytic Acid

Good Afternoon!
I've decided to go gluten free. I am no longer a vegan (after over a year) because some information I've read makes veganism seem potentially very unhealthy! So now I'm back to being a vegetarian (almost 9 years strong). Of course in the beginning i was having a pizza overload, but now I'm learning from my mistakes. I'm buying only the grass fed natural butters, cheeses and (raw) milks.

So today is officially the first day of being gluten free and I decided to splurge and buy coconut flour to try out a coconut bread loaf. I'm leery of other flours (almond, rice, ect) because of the content of phytic acid.
So what is phytic acid? 
"Phytic acid, discovered in 1903, a saturated cyclic acid, is the principal storage form of phosphorus in many plant tissues, especially bran and seeds. Phytate is not digestible to humans or nonruminant animals."source 
Phytic acid is especially high in grains, beans and nuts such as: wheat, rice, whole wheat, corn, rye, oats, brown rice, soy, pinto, kidney, navy beans, and peanuts. Beans with a lesser amount of phytic acid are: peas, lentils, chickpeas, white beans, walnuts and mung beans. source 
I want to throw in that it is also found in seeds, EXCLUDING hemp seeds!

You may be wondering why I'm avoiding foods with phytic acid and where coconut comes in to play.
Phytic acid is considered an Anti-Nutrient. "Phytic acid has the ability to bind to essential minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium in the digestive tract and inhibit their absorption by the body." source 
Phytic acid also causes tooth decay, so if you're trying to re-mineralize your teeth or stop tooth decay, it is advised to stop consuming phytic acid.

Although it has a few benefits, one being that it has shown some anti-cancer properties, a lot of other super-foods do too, without the negative effects of tooth decay so I personally feel the need to avoid it all together.
What's up with coconut flour? 
"The mineral-binding effect of the phytates in coconut is essentially nonexistent. It is as if coconut has no phytic acid at all." source 
I view coconut products as safe when it comes to avoiding phytic acid! Do your own research of course and keep in mind I'm not a nutritionist, just a girl trying to be as healthy as I can!

So the ONLY recipe I could find anywhere on the internet that ONLY contains coconut flour, and no other flours was this:
1/2 cup butter, ghee or coconut oil (i used natural grassfed cultured butter)
2 tablespoons of raw honey (i did not include this)
6 eggs (i used the natural/organic kind)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
3/4 cup coconut flour
(i also included 1/2 teaspoon of aluminum free baking powder)
Preheat the oven to 350 F
Grease a small loaf pan
Melt butter/oil, add eggs and honey, whisk until smooth. Separately mix dry ingredients - coconut flour (sifted since it tends to clump) salt and baking powder if you're including that, and then slowly add the dry to the wet. You'll have mix for a while since coconut flour likes to clump together. The flour absorbs everything and the mix turns into a cookie/cake batter kind of thick consistency. Smooth it into your pan and bake for 40 minutes.

This was my result

Very short, flat dense, and extremely dry little loaf of very expensive bread! Alone it is terrible! I tried it with avocado, also terrible. The only thing that made it (very) tasty was olive oil, cheese and tomatoes! Mmm. But since that's not what I want bread for all the time I think this recipe was a flop! I might play around with it again in the future though. Adding more oil (or possibly milk) and not baking as long might make it less dry. It was sooo good with cheese, but it's definitely not a "holy grail" kind of bread! Try playing around with the recipe and let me know your results!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Personal Post: Cheap & Natural Cat Flea and Tapeworm Products

Okay so as the title states, this is a strictly personal post for ME. When I get these products (next paycheck, ha ha) I will review them for YOU, but for right now this is a list of things I need so I don't forget.
I'll start off with saying my (6) cats have a horrible flea problem. I generally give them a topical flea treatment every month, and I switch between the brands Revolution and Advantage. I haven't been using them as much though because they are soooo ineffective! I'll put them on and the cats still have fleas throughout the month.. I don't even notice a difference within the first week of application.. They are really expensive and do nothing.
So the products I'm currently interested in are:
12 capsules are $14.99 with free shipping
Same active ingredient as Capstar."Nitenpyram is so gentle, you can use it on your pet DAILY as needed. Nitenpyram is out of your pet's system in 24 hours... My capsules are Kosher and Halal inspected - certified BSE-free - natural bovine gelatin capsules filled with FRESH NITENPYRAM."
A box of Capstar (2-25lb cats and dogs) 6 tablets retails around $41.99.

"FLEA TREATS are a B vitamin complex, specially formulated for dogs and cats. They're flavored with real liver--your pet will love them. When you keep Flea Treats in your pet's system, after about 10 to 20 days, the vitamins cause your pet to develop a natural repellent... Flea Treats are safe and natural--no hormones nor insecticides. The B vitamins are also the vitamins to promote your pet's healthy skin, shiny coat, and well-functioning nervous system."
0-29 pound pet (most cats are this size) gets 2 treats a day. One in the morning and one at night, for my 6 cats I calculated I would need around 360 treats for the month. 
Prices vary on bottle size ordered but for a 500 count bottle it's $26.95, which would last me over a month. If you have 1 cat you would need around 60 treats a month, two cats 120, three cats 180, four cats 240.
Bottle prices: 100 treats is $8.49. 250 treats is 15.99.

St. Gabriel ORGANICS 4.4 lb. Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth Organic Crawling Insect Killer

I chose this brand of Diatomaceous Earth because it's the only one I've found locally at my Home Depot, but any food grade Diatomaceous Earth will do the same thing. You sprinkle it around your house, in your house, and rub it into your pets fur and it kills the fleas. It's not harmful to humans, pets, or the environment, just insects."Kills crawling insects buy cutting into exoskeleton and dehydrates them." This brand retails for around $10.00 for a 4.4lb bag.
Virtually the only tape worm pills on the market are TradeWinds Tapeworm Tabs. The little blue bottle that only comes with 3 tablets for $20.00! That gets really expensive if you have more than 3 cats or a bad tapeworm problem. Little City Dogs tapeworm capsules contain the same active ingredient as TradeWinds, but you get 6 of them for $12.50 WITH free shipping. 
Okay I promise to do a review on these products after I buy them! I hope you've enjoyed the information and remember I'm not affiliated with any of these brands xoxo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Natural Vegan Skincare with Coconut Oil and Essential Oils

Hi everyone! This is totally just a post about what I plan on buying in the future, because I have some non-vegan (no animal testing though) cosmetics I am finishing up. I have tried some of these products and others I have not but they seem so promising!

I'll start this off with a skincare regimen, daily, at night and in the morning. I already use coconut oil on my face and a couple drops of tea tree oil, the combination is REALLY good for acne and redness. It makes my skin so soft.

If you have never tried coconut oil, you might be thinking something like "Oh god why would I lather oil all over my face, gross" Well I thought the same thing before I used it. I've also put OTHER oils on my face, like olive oil and hemp oil, with not so great results. The olive oil didn't seem to absorb well and the hemp oil caused me to break out! I love eating both of those extremely healthy oils, but I won't put them on my face again, haha.
Coconut oil on the other hand absorbs into the skin, i've actually read it's one of the only oils the skin will totally absorb, but don't quote me on that. I put it on in the night after I wash my face, just a few drops on a cotton round or on my fingers. In the morning my skin is less red/pink, soft and smooth, and I don't get acne. The coconut oil doesn't break me out, it doesn't make preexisting pimples worse, if anything it makes them better. I love it! Don't be scared, give it a try. 
I also use tea tree oil as a spot treatment, just dab a little on zits or mix it all in with the coconut oil.

My pores are pretty visible unfortunately. I don't have overly dry or overly oily skin. It's somewhere in the middle, but I get blackheads and my pores look, not necessarily HUGE, but rather visible, especially with some face makeups exaggerating them. I also have a LOT of dark spots/acne scars! Which is one of the main reasons I do wear face makeup in the first place. 

From what I've read on various websites, lemongrass essential oil is good for both large pores AND blackheads (and as a skin toner, woohoo).

As for acne scars, I've read a lot about frankincense oil and lavender oil working great as a spot treatment (dab it directly on scars with a q-tip).

So I plan on making a little mix in a jar (baby food jar probably) of coconut oil, lemongrass and a little lavender oil perhaps. And I'll use frankincense oil as a spot treatment nightly for scars. The tea tree oil can be on standby! I'll keep everyone updated when I do it.

THIS is a really good informative web page that talks about different essential oils for different skin problems including acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and other things, check it out!

I want to note that you should always do a spot test somewhere on your body when using essential oils as some are VERY powerful and can cause harmful effects (that time I tried to use undiluted cinnamon oil as a perfume on my wrists and it started burning and stinging). So as a general rule mix your oil with a carrier oil (like coconut or jojoba) and research which oils are okay to use undiluted (i have no problem using tea tree pure). Also you should only apply them at night because some can cause bad reactions in the sun.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kittens, cleaning and bad ass shoes!

I'm sitting with Kit, needing to clean the house. I also have literally no food except a can of black beans that I can't figure out how to get open because my can opener is the Devil. And!! on top of all that, all I have is tap water and tap water is also the satanic but I have to drink it .  My apartment is so dirty and I think it smells like cat poop right now because the new litter we got was so cheap haha , it was like freakin' 3$ for a 20 or 25 pound bag and it sucks and is so dusty I have to fill the boxes outside or it might kill me. Okay I'm gonna make a game plan for today! 

  • Clean house
  • Clean yard/porch
  • Wash dishes 
  • Feed lizard
  • Walk or bike ride with Min 
  • Yoga and work out
  • Read a book!
Unrelated but my birthday is in 4 days! Holy crap I'm about to not be a teenager anymore. I mean I don't feel totally different but I feel like I just turned 19. I feel like I've been working so much since then that my life kind of just passed me by this last year. I really want this glorious pair of boots though! I asked my dad for them, but, I never told him the website or info so maybe I'll get lucky and he'll give me the money to buy them myself oh my God they are beautiful . They're like so Lost Girl-esque, post apocalyptic.

Okay enough I'm going to go start my day! Meow Love you all, the weather is very nice today!

Sweet Kitten

My sweet sleeping Rigby.