Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Personal Post: Cheap & Natural Cat Flea and Tapeworm Products

Okay so as the title states, this is a strictly personal post for ME. When I get these products (next paycheck, ha ha) I will review them for YOU, but for right now this is a list of things I need so I don't forget.
I'll start off with saying my (6) cats have a horrible flea problem. I generally give them a topical flea treatment every month, and I switch between the brands Revolution and Advantage. I haven't been using them as much though because they are soooo ineffective! I'll put them on and the cats still have fleas throughout the month.. I don't even notice a difference within the first week of application.. They are really expensive and do nothing.
So the products I'm currently interested in are:
12 capsules are $14.99 with free shipping
Same active ingredient as Capstar."Nitenpyram is so gentle, you can use it on your pet DAILY as needed. Nitenpyram is out of your pet's system in 24 hours... My capsules are Kosher and Halal inspected - certified BSE-free - natural bovine gelatin capsules filled with FRESH NITENPYRAM."
A box of Capstar (2-25lb cats and dogs) 6 tablets retails around $41.99.

"FLEA TREATS are a B vitamin complex, specially formulated for dogs and cats. They're flavored with real liver--your pet will love them. When you keep Flea Treats in your pet's system, after about 10 to 20 days, the vitamins cause your pet to develop a natural repellent... Flea Treats are safe and natural--no hormones nor insecticides. The B vitamins are also the vitamins to promote your pet's healthy skin, shiny coat, and well-functioning nervous system."
0-29 pound pet (most cats are this size) gets 2 treats a day. One in the morning and one at night, for my 6 cats I calculated I would need around 360 treats for the month. 
Prices vary on bottle size ordered but for a 500 count bottle it's $26.95, which would last me over a month. If you have 1 cat you would need around 60 treats a month, two cats 120, three cats 180, four cats 240.
Bottle prices: 100 treats is $8.49. 250 treats is 15.99.

St. Gabriel ORGANICS 4.4 lb. Insect Dust Diatomaceous Earth Organic Crawling Insect Killer

I chose this brand of Diatomaceous Earth because it's the only one I've found locally at my Home Depot, but any food grade Diatomaceous Earth will do the same thing. You sprinkle it around your house, in your house, and rub it into your pets fur and it kills the fleas. It's not harmful to humans, pets, or the environment, just insects."Kills crawling insects buy cutting into exoskeleton and dehydrates them." This brand retails for around $10.00 for a 4.4lb bag.
Virtually the only tape worm pills on the market are TradeWinds Tapeworm Tabs. The little blue bottle that only comes with 3 tablets for $20.00! That gets really expensive if you have more than 3 cats or a bad tapeworm problem. Little City Dogs tapeworm capsules contain the same active ingredient as TradeWinds, but you get 6 of them for $12.50 WITH free shipping. 
Okay I promise to do a review on these products after I buy them! I hope you've enjoyed the information and remember I'm not affiliated with any of these brands xoxo

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