Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kittens, cleaning and bad ass shoes!

I'm sitting with Kit, needing to clean the house. I also have literally no food except a can of black beans that I can't figure out how to get open because my can opener is the Devil. And!! on top of all that, all I have is tap water and tap water is also the satanic but I have to drink it .  My apartment is so dirty and I think it smells like cat poop right now because the new litter we got was so cheap haha , it was like freakin' 3$ for a 20 or 25 pound bag and it sucks and is so dusty I have to fill the boxes outside or it might kill me. Okay I'm gonna make a game plan for today! 

  • Clean house
  • Clean yard/porch
  • Wash dishes 
  • Feed lizard
  • Walk or bike ride with Min 
  • Yoga and work out
  • Read a book!
Unrelated but my birthday is in 4 days! Holy crap I'm about to not be a teenager anymore. I mean I don't feel totally different but I feel like I just turned 19. I feel like I've been working so much since then that my life kind of just passed me by this last year. I really want this glorious pair of boots though! I asked my dad for them, but, I never told him the website or info so maybe I'll get lucky and he'll give me the money to buy them myself oh my God they are beautiful . They're like so Lost Girl-esque, post apocalyptic.

Okay enough I'm going to go start my day! Meow Love you all, the weather is very nice today!

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